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Our Mission

The Experience is not just a brand and company name. It’s a web-based IT product build on a concept that aims to offer a unique personalized experience for guests visiting attractions like Theme Parks, amusements parks, Zoo’s aquariums and other Location Based Attractions. In this business customers are named guests. It’s demanding doing so! But, not alone that. Attractions shall also have benefits in using The Experience to optimize their Operations, Marketing, Safety, Security and Ticketing activities.

When we say visiting, we also mean visiting a web site, app, mobile site and that the Digital visit and Physical visit is synchronized in both practical and emotional terms. So, to say, visiting an attraction equals two visits -  Digital and Physical.

Where to start the journey? We started with building a Queueing system or Line Management System. As queuing is the biggest Pain Problem in the industry. Conceptually we wanted a solution capable of solving the queue problem not just for a subset of guests, but for all guests visiting on a given day. We also wanted a solution that is real, and thus not solving the problem by putting guests in a Virtual Queue. Also, virtual queuing is only a partial solution. Per definition it can’t produce a total queue free experience for all guests in an attraction. Secondly queuing virtually in the Digital Age is as bad as queuing physically in the Analog Age.

In peak seasons attractions always will have a capacity problem and thus queues. Another challenge is rides, and attractions are very capital demanding and a business requirement is to make them operate optimal i.e. at best at 100 percent of capacity. The requirement for our queuing system was therefore that it should not only remove the queues but at the same time increase ride capacity. We have succeeded with increase capacity with +15%. Thus, our concept is based on capacity not queues.

As said, customers are called guests in the industry. Guests are in real life often considered to be friends and therefore “Good Manners” demands that they are treated well.  What’s their favorite dish or drink, interests and alike. We therefore wanted also to have marketing modules in the system and a prober database engine for storing and retrieving data about the guests. What’s their name, age, heights, how many children, how big is the family or group, how often do they visit, what’s their favorite rides and a lot more.  To communicate properly with guests.

So, done and that’s been right to do. Guests love to give in data if it improves their experience. It also raises the safety level, as data as heights and age are also used to block booking of rides to persons not in compliance whit restrictions. Also, the mother can keep promises about what to ride to her kids. Name and a photo(selfie) is raising the Security level. A very big issue for normally a gated location.

Marketing Research about changing consumer behavior- caused by Digitalization and connectivity demands – forces businesses to change their principle ways of communication with customers. There are no B2C market any more, it’s now Me2B according to Bill Price. Or IWWIWWIWI I want what I want when I want it. Phrased by New York Consultancy; Open Mind Strategy. The connected guest wants to personalize the visit and be the one to tell the attraction what they want to experience and when and not wait hours to be served.

Guests follow Marketing terms: Me2B and IWWIWWIWI:

Omnico, Theme Park Barometers 2016/2017

Therefore, a Guest Planning system is essential. It’s also a very integrated part of The Experience The Guests can pre-plan the visit totally, month in advance. Down to who in the group will ride that ride with whom, see a show, buy merchandise in a shop and have it delivered to a hotel, pick up Fast Food at given time slot and/or dine at a restaurant and more. With out queuing, stress and hassle. In other words, have a total perfect experience and time together with family and friends

The Experience can issue all kind of tickets, whether that’s entrance tickets, ride tickets, show tickets, Fast Food pick up tickets and Dinning timed tickets, annual Pass’s.

Payment of entrance tickets and/or ride tickets can be guaranteed with a No-Queue experience.

We believe it is fundamental for managing a successful Location based attraction/entertainment to have a combined and fully integrated system; The Experience