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Mar 13 / Peter Rødbro

Liseberg is first Swedish amusement park to use Quick Pass

Guests at Liseberg will be able to start enjoying the rides even sooner in 2010. The launch of the Quick Pass system will make it possible to book spaces on five of Liseberg’s biggest attractions in advance.

Quick Pass is big news at Liseberg in 2010. The system, which allows advance booking of rides to avoid queuing, has been in use for some time at Legoland in Denmark. However, Liseberg will be the first park in Sweden to offer its guests this option.

Quick Pass is linked to the online sales system, so everyone who buys a ride pass on the Liseberg website is given the opportunity to book a Quick Pass at the same time. When you make a booking you have the option to choose what time you want to ride on the five Quick Pass attractions.
“But only a limited number of places can be booked in advance for any given ride time, so it’s a case of first come, first served,” says Katarina Kolb, Advertising Manager at Liseberg.

Once in the park, guests who have booked Quick Pass should go to the attraction a few minutes before the chosen time and enter through a special turnstile. There is no additional charge for Quick Pass over the normal cost of the ride pass.

Attractions with Quick Pass 2010:

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