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Apr 16 / Peter Roedbro

Proud to be part of Appointment only with our new product;

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Mar 19 / Peter Roedbro

Peter Roedbro – our CEO – participate in a panel discussion Thursday 15th. June 2017 at Asia Attraction Expo in Singapore.

The subject is:

The new world of ideas and digital experiences in Theme Parks

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Mar 19 / Peter Roedbro

Contract win. Snow Park Palm Mall Muscat, Oman and Unlimited Snow Haarlem, Holland has chosen

Oct 16 / Peter Roedbro

Entertainment Booking Concepts (ebc): 2016 Nordic Business Awards Winner by Corporate Vision

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Oct 16 / Peter Roedbro

Entertainment Booking Concepts in the News: Mickey Mouse goes to China

Swissquote Magazine ( September 2016: Mickey Mouse goes to China.

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Oct 5 / Peter Roedbro

EBC incorporates Smartphones into Water Park Reservation System

FUNWORLD October 2015 Water Park Issue

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Oct 5 / Peter Roedbro

Contract Win: Ocean Park Hong Kong

For 3 years in a row, Entertainment Booking Concepts has won the contract to supply our Adventure Ressource Planner – Line Management and Planning system for Halloween Fest 2015 of Ocean Park Hong Kong

Read here: Press Release HSP in Ocean Park 2015

Jun 8 / Peter Roedbro

5 Educated Predictions for the Future of Amusement Parks


“Ask any amusement park goer and they’ll tell you that the lines are one of the worst parts of the experience….. But what if no one had to wait in line at all? Peter Rodbro……”

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Jun 8 / Peter Roedbro

Funworld – Future Issue – have asked 75 of the best and brightest minds…..

Attractions Must Adapt To Online Shopping- Funworld May 2015


Feb 1 / Peter Roedbro

“Why it pays to look after Theme Park visitors that plan ahead”

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