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May 21 / Peter Roedbro

Press release – No more queuing in Sarkanniemi Adventure Park

Särkänniemi Adventure Park in Tampere Finland will, as the first park in Finland, tackle the problem with lines for guests visiting the park, by using Quick Pass tickets, when the 2011 season starts in May.

Särkänniemi is getting even better at tackling the queues with a state of the art line management system, as well as enhancing the guest experience to be even better than before.

Skipping lines is not the only benefit for the guests when using Quick Pass. It is as much a way for a busy family with children to have ease of mind, as it is possible to plan the visit to Särkänniemi in advance on This service allows the family to sit together at home, book Quick Pass’s, and decide who would like to ride this and that, while at the same time ensuring that the ride restrictions such as height and age are met. When all the members have agreed on what to experience, they have made a family plan for their visit to the “real” Särkänniemi. The Plan can even be co-ordinated with other families/ friends on Facebook.

After arriving at Särkänniemi the family, will not have to leave the digital world completely, as they can carry their Quick Pass’ tickets on their smart phones. To our best knowledge it is a world premiere to use digital tickets in an amusement park.

Besides booking Quick Pass’s for rides and attractions on , it will also be possible for guests to book and pay parking and entrance. This means that the guests can start the visit at Särkänniemi enjoyably and relaxed. Särkanniemi has partnered with Entertainment Booking Concepts to deploy their web-based IT line management system Adventure Resource Planner to run Quick Pass.

For further information please contact: CEO Miikka Seppälä, Särkänniemi at +358 50 377 0303 or CEO Peter Rødbro, Entertainment Booking Concepts, at +45 2948 5968.

Särkänniemi Adventure Park is the second biggest park in Finland with nearly 700.000 guests per year. Unique to an amusement park Särkänniemi Adventure Park also has an arts museum Sara Hilden, and one of Finland’s best gourmet places, Restaurant Näsinneula, situated 124 meters above sea level.

Entertainment Booking Concetps/, Virum Denmark is a web-based IT company working for experience companies to improve the experience of a visit, online as well as off-line. Adventure Resource Planner was first used in 2005 in LEGOLAND Denmark.