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Dec 28 / Peter Roedbro

Why go for anything less than Disney’s MyMagic+ and FastPass+ ?

Here at Entertainment Booking Concepts we as many other admire Disney for their ambitions and professionalism. Since our early years from 2005, we have had a strong believe in our Adventure Resource Planner solution. Therefore we are proud and honored that MyMagic+ and FastPass+ is similar in concept and booking algorithm.

An article from Travel Weekly supports our perception of travel and attraction experiences. Its talks about giving the guest the possibility to create her day the way she wants – we couldn’t agree more!

These are some of the absolute highlights from the article, as we see it:

“Henry Harteveldt, travel industry analyst with Hudson Crossing, [...] Any venue that attracts or is home to large volumes of people can [use the technology to] improve efficiency and ensure an enjoyable experience for the traveler, and make sure they come back.”

Douglas Quinby, a senior analyst with PhoCusWright, predicted, This initiative will move travel agencies and the industry from a volume-based model to a specialized and personal model. How do you make 1 million customers feel like one in a million?”

“[...] Duncan Dickson said the program would be watched closely by other theme parks, including Universal Studios, SeaWorld and Six Flags, all of which currently use smaller, less complex, automated queue systems to shorten guests’ wait times”

You can read the full article here at the Travel Weekly website: Read the article

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